Compatible with viscosity /programmable Air-pulse type

Machine nameHigh-precision dispenser compatible with variable viscosity materials
Dispensing methodAir pulse
Control methodMicroprocessor control electronics and pneumatics 
Discharge setting range0.020-0.800 MPa
Time setting rangeDispense time 0.01 to 999.9 s
Vacuum time 0.001 to 4.000 s
DisplayDigital LCD display
Vacuum pressure set range-0.020 – 0 Mpa, 
Main functionBest suited for two-component adhesive dispensing
– Auto increment function
– Auto slope function
– Standard equipped with an air-pulse stabilization circuit
– Substantial communication function, best suited for
mounting automated machine
– Dispensing conditions can be edited on a PC using the dediated software “MuCOM for ML-808GX”
– CE-Marking certified ,EU RoHS compliant
Comunication portRS232,Dsub25pins,Metal connector 4 pins
Rating power supply and frequencyAC 100V – 240 V, 50/60Hz
Power cord typePK-2 or PK-3
Power consumtion40W
Air supplyrequired 0.9 MPa 
Weight5 Kg
DimensionW255×D262×H95 mm