PC control image recognition function Desktop robot 350PCsmart SMΩX belonging to

Even work with the world first distortion realizes high speed, High precise dispensing.

It's fully equipped with expansive functions, such as high precision positioning adjustment!
  • Using the 3D alignment function, this machine handles XYθ adjustment to match the workpiece’s tilt and Z adjustment to match its rolling. It’s perfect for applying adhesive to smartphones.
  • Automatically executes and monitors the production cycle, from workpiece arrival to shipping, and automatically logs production information into the database. Supports traceability through a production log.
  • Even if shape changes by misses, New development edge detection function Equipped, alignment object recognize properly alignment.
  • We display dispensing preview function Equipped, dispensing image.
  • Cuts labor and time through a simple set-up.
  • Figure edites dispensing program on PC by Software for editing the dispensing pattern MuCADV.
Image recognition/positioning correction function
Full 3D alignment and tracing function

The 3D alignment and tracing functions enable “tracing (Z correction)” that provides XYθ correction to suit tilted or deformed pallets or workpieces, and maintains a constant clearance with warping or distortion. This ensures more reliable dispensing. Now the dispensing track can be corrected to suit fluctuations in the shape of the workpiece.