Musashi… Key technologies that fill the new needs of the age”
We can comprehensively respond to various dispense needs for our core product,
dispensing controllers that control fluid at high precision as well as syringes, nozzles and other parts

Musashi Robot

Desktop / Cartesian (In-Line) robot
A motion unit that “dispenses” the fluid from the dispenser into the required shape. MUSASHI desktop robot and cartesian robot are unrivalled in their unique evolution as dedicated dispensing robots for precision dispensing.

Desktop Robot

Cartesian robot
A desktop type robot that can perform dispensing operations from the day it is delivered. As well as introduction to semiautomatic cell production systems, we can respond to all markets and needs, from R&D to prototype mass production.

In-Line Robot

Gantry robot
Incorporated type cartesian robots that enable the smooth transfer of dispensing processes established with desktop type robots to fully automated equipment and production lines. It implements labor saving, productivity improvement, and quality improvement in the dispensing process.