Musashi… Key technologies that fill the new needs of the age”
We can comprehensively respond to various dispense needs for our core product,
dispensing controllers that control fluid at high precision as well as syringes, nozzles and other parts

Musashi Dispenser

We concentrate prominent original technology, and, including non-contact expression Dispenser corresponding to speedup, lineup is doing Dispenser of various methods that we put together for air pulse, user needs in the 21st century including the capacity measurement method.


Air Pulse Dispenser

Super Hi Jet-1

Non-Contact Dispenser


Volumetric Dispenser


Screw Dispenser


Rotary Dispenser


Valve Dispenser

MUSASHI product
MUSASHI product

Air-Pulse Dispenser

We are superior in versatility, economy, maintenance, and air pulse is Dispenser spreading most. From Manually to mount the automatic machine, it supports needs of shop floor widely.

Jet Method

Non-Contact Dispenser

We splash liquid in high precision from work from remote position and realize all direction dispensing at will from the lower side, slant direction. Dispensing is possible without being affected by curve and individual difference of work.

Capacity measurement

Volumetric Dispenser

The capacity lightweight type can manage the amount of coating at dispensing volume and weight. We realize super precisely dispensing by digital plunger method.

Screw Method

Screw Dispenser

By original screw mechanism, we dissolve fluctuations and liquid damario of dispense and can realize high stable and high-precision small amount Dot dispensing and Line dispensing dispensing.

Tubing Method

Rotary Dispenser

It is most suitable for small amount dispense of low viscosity anaerobic adhesive, small amount consecutive dispense which is high precision.

Valve Dispenser

Not only flow rate and amount of coating accuracy are high, but also valve of MUSASHI be superior to the durability, maintenance, and line-up is doing wetted part material corresponding to having many kinds liquid materials.


Needle Valve


Piston Valve


Plunger Valve


High Pressure Needle Valve


Coating Valve


Spray Valve


Other Valve

MUSASHI product