High efficiency mohnodispenser MOHNO MASTER V2

Solution most suitable for gasket Seal (CIPG/FIPG) dispensing.

  • [new feature] Bubbleless dispensing.
  • [improvement in function] Superior responsiveness.
  • It is Suitable in gasket dispensing of uniform drawing width and high-aspect-ratio.
  • 2 heads support 2 humoral liquid materials by becoming.


Sealant dispensing on HDD

Potting of onboard vehicle substrates


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Product nameMOHNOMASTER  V2
Dispensing systemMOHNO-SYSTEM
Control systemMicrocomputer digital control system
Applicable liquid materialsCIPG, FIPG, UV adhesives, RTV silicone adhesives, etc.
Applicable containersSyringes, barrel cartridges, sealant cartridges, feed pumps, tanks
Dispensing modesTIMED mode, MANUAL mode
Dispensing flow rate range0.010 to 1.700 mL/s
Dispensing time setting range0.01 to 9,999.99 s
Main functionsSuck back, Synchro Speed, turbo function, dispensing shot counter, specific gravity conversion, unit display switch, Japanese-English display switch
Channel number100 CH
RS-232C serial communicationAvailable
Input signalsDispense, channel switching,
dispensing mode switching, channel preset, channel step, Synchro Speed ON
Output signalsDispensing completion/in-dispensing, busy, error, external operation mode, power on
Rated voltage and frequencyAC100-240 V  50/60 Hz
Power consumption145 W
Dispense head unit dimensions W×D×H (excluding protrusions)Cartridge Configuration:70×102.5×405 mm
Pump/tank Configuration:52×87×405 mm
Weight of dispense head unit1.6 kg
Controller dimensions
W×D×H (excluding protrusions)
300×250×111 mm
Weight of dispense controller5.0 kg