Valve controller ME-5000VT

Achieves high-precision, stable dispensing performance of valves

  • Improved pressure stability eliminates dispensing volume fluctuation.
  • Digital control enables user-friendly operability and high repeatability.
  • Dispensing conditions are centrally controllable by the controller.
  • Dispensing monitorable by improved external interface, perfectly suited to mount on other equipment
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant


Control systemElectro/pneumatic method
Pressure setting rangeFluid feed pressure0.005 to 0.700 MPa
Valve actuation pressure0.200 to 0.700 MPa
Time setting range of fluid valve opening0.01 to 99.99 s
0.010 to 9.999 s
0.1 to 999.9 s
External input/ output signalInputDispensing, dispensing mode switching
OutputDispensing completion,in-dispensing, low fluid feed pressure, low valve actuation pressure, dispensing mode, power on
Rated power supply and frequencyAC100-240 V  50/60 Hz
Power consumption12 W
External dimensionsW280×D247×H122 mm
Weight4.3 kg

Configuration diagram of the valve and tank system

Super-small, constant-volume dispensing valve MiniVal NCV-17 Block diagram

Needle control valve NCV-12S

Piston control valve MiniVal PCV-12

External dimensions

Measurement unit (mm)