Large flow rate screw Dispenser SCREW MASTER MSD-3-HF

High Flow & High Speed.

  • High-speed dispensing of compared to our conventional products “4 times” is possible.
  • We realize high cycle time/high precision dispensing.
  • High durability rod is line-up, too.
  • We correspond to Heat dissipation material with filler.


Item name High performance screw dispenser   SCREW MASTER3
Model MSD3-HD-HF [Cartridge Configuration]
Dispensing method Screw type
Main functions High-speed dispensing of high viscosity pastes, particle-filled pastes, and so on.
Applicable fluid materials Solder paste, epoxy resin, grease etc.
Liquid feeding method Syringe, Barrel cartridge, Sealant cartridge, Tube cartridge
Dispensing mode Timed, manual
Dispensing time setting range 0.01 to 999.999s
Screw rotation speed
setting range
1 to 800 rpm *1
Quantity of channels 400 channels
External input signal Dispensing signal, Setup signal, Dispense mode switching signal,Error reset signal, Channel switching signal.
External output signal*2 Dispensing signal, Completed dispensing signal, Busy signal, Setup signal,Completed auto-increment signal, Error signal and Power-on signal.
Other functions Suck back, multi-preset, auto increment, Synchro speed™,RS-232C communication, Language selection (Japanese or English)
Rated power supply and frequency 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption 45 W
External dimensions Dispensing head unit W37×D79×H235.5mm (excluding protrusion)
Controller section W300×D250×H100mm (excluding protrusion)
Weight Dispensing head unit 1 kg (Excluding screw rods, fluid materials and containers)
Controller section 5.2 ㎏
Compatible standards CE-marking (LVD, EMC), EU RoHS