Low viscosity non-contact jet Dispenser CyberJet2

We can apply liquid materials of super low viscosity in high precision.

  • Class minimum. We realized dispense which was small amount of 0.03 mg.
  • Class minimum. We largely reduced movement sound.
  • Medicinal solution, flux, high-speed dispense of dry process lubricant.
  • CE marking, EURoHS conformity version is line-up, too.



Dispensing of dry type grease


Flux application on PCB


Non-contact dripping to
inspection kits


Non-contact dispensing to microwell plate


Item nameNon-contact Jet Dispenser CYBERJET2
Head Section
Driving system Electromagnetic*
Supply air pressure 0.5 MPa or less
Applicable syringes All sizes (5 to 70 mL) applicable
Applicable fluids Flux, moisture proof insulant fluid, UV resin, etc.
Use nozzle Pipe type (1 L, 2 L, 3 L): 15 to 32G
Pipe type (1 L, 2 L, 3 L): 15 to 28G Teflon coated
Integrated structure (SHN): 28 to 36G
Temperature control function Holder equipped with heating temperature control
Controller Section
Control system Electro/pneumatic method
Dispensing pressure regulating range 0.005 to 0.700 MPa
Control circuit of dispensing time Digital timer circuit
Dispensing time setting range DOT mode 2 to 5,000 msec
LINE mode ON time: 1.50 to 99.99 msec
OFF time: 6.00 to 99.99 msec
Shot count setting range 1 to 9999 times (for LINE mode)
Supply pressure Max. 0.800 Mpa
Rated power supply and frequency AC100 to 240 V  50/60 Hz
Weight 4kg