Middle・high viscosity non-contact jet Dispenser AeroJet

It is macroevolution in fastest 333shot/s! This significantly reduces production cycle time.

  • It can shoot liquids of medium and high viscosity at high speeds.
  • Using its original jet mechanism, it can dispense material on the nano- level.
  • The durability is 4 times that of conventional models.
  • We achieved stable dispensing reproducibility.
  • It is equipped with a temperature control mechanism as standard equipment.
  • CE marking, EURoHS conformity version is line-up, too.

High-speed and precision JET Greatly reduced yield cycle time

Pinpoint shooting

  • Flexible dispensing from below, side, or oblique directions
  • Effective for applications on uneven/narrow areas to which the normal nozzle is not

High-speed processing

  • Dispensing possible without being affected by curves or individual differences in
  • No z-axis movement or gap control is necessary
  • Ultra-high-speed processing for the high-precision stable dispensing of minute dots

Cost reduction

  • Applied amount needed to the points required


Item nameNon-contact JET dispenser AEROJET
Controller unit’s modelMJET-4-CTR
Dispensing systemJet system
Control systemMicrocomputer digital control system
Applicable fluid materialsUF material, Ag paste, moisture proof insulant fluid, UV adhesive, epoxy resin, grease, flux, etc.
Applicable containerSyringe (5 to 70 mL), tank
Temperature setting rangeMAX: 80°C
Dispensing modesTIMED/MANUAL mode; LINE/DOT mode
Dispensing time setting range0.002 to 9.99999 s
Shot count setting range1 to 9999
Main functionsMissed shot detection, Synchro Speed, RS-232C communications, Japanese-English display switching
Channel number100 CH
Input signalsExternal dispensing, dispensing mode switching, channel switching
Output signalsDispensing completion or in-dispensing, solenoid valve actuation, low pressure, mode status, power ON
Rated voltage and frequencyAC100-240 V    50/60 Hz
Conformity standardsCE-marking (Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive), EU RoHS
Head unit dimensionsW91×D91×H180.5 mm *
Head unit weight0.6 kg
Controller dimensionsW300×D250×H107 mm
Weight of dispense controller4.0 kg