Revision function digital control Dispenser SuperΣCMIII belonging to

No. 1 overwhelming "global standards"
We concentrate limits of Musashi technology and realize super stable dispensing.

  • High precision dispense of the highest quality kept on polishing.
  • High reliability that was demonstrated.
  • High cycle time high throughput.
  • We contribute to running cost down.
  • It is all-in-one in Full Automation revision function.
  • We realize interlocking movement with automatic machine, complete control of dispense condition.

"Σ3 major functions" help to increase yield and contribute to a smarter production line

Function 1

Automatic correction of volume reduction

Correction of reduction in dispensing amount caused by the effects of decreased syringe volume. Delivers reliable, high-precision dispensing throughout the entire syringe.

Function 2

Automatic vacuum correction

Constantly maintains the optimum vacuum level automatically for more reliable dispensing precision.

Function 3

Automatic low fluid alarm

Constantly detects and monitors the remaining fluid level in the syringe with a high level of precision.


Product name Fully digital controlled dispenser
Dispensing system Air-pulse system
Control system Micro-computer controlled electronic-pneumatic system
Dispensing modes TIMED/MANUAL mode
Dispensing pressure setting range 0.030 to 0.500 MPa 0.005 to 0.200 MPa
Dispensing time setting range 0.001 to 9999.999 s
Vacuum pressure setting range -0.020 to 0 MPa
Main functions Automatic correction of volume reduction, automatic fluid-drip prevention, automatic remaining, volume alert, alpha (α) correction, delta (δ) correction, vacuum pressure correctionremaining volume display correctiondispensing shot counter, stopwatch, Japanese-English display switch, source pressure error, exhaust error, vacuum pressure error, solenoid valve error, solenoid valve alarm
Channel number 100 CH
RS-232C serial communication Available
Input signals Dispense, channel switching, dispensing mode switching, channel preset, channel specification, channel step
Output signals Ready, dispensing completion, in-dispensing, in-dispensing cycle, solenoid valve alarm, error, remaining volume alert, power on
Rated power supply and frequency AC100-240 V   50/60 Hz
Power consumption 30 W
Conformity standards CE-marking (Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive) EU RoHS
Dimensions W*D*H W300×D300×H100 mm
Weight 5.8 kg