Viscosity change-response high precision Dispenser ML-808GX

We follow viscosity change. We realize stable Discharge accuracy.

Increased controller performance!
  • Reaction time precision for dispense signal improves to about 4 times.
  • I/O control.
It is controllable, and RS-232C communication is equipped with freely by PLC, too
  • EU RoHS (EMC, low voltage order)
  • CE mark compliance



Sealant dispensing for smartphone’s cover 


Adhesive dispensing on cover lens


Line width variable in an instant


Machine name High-precision dispenser compatible with variable viscosity materials
Model ML-808GX-CTR
Dispensing method Air pulse
Discharge setting range 0.020-0.800 Mpa
Time setting range Dispense time 0.01 to 999.9 s
Vacuum time 0.001 to 4.000 s
Vacuum pressure set range -0.020 – 0 Mpa
Main function Best suited for two-component adhesive dispensing, Autoincrement function, Auto slope function, Standard equipped with an air-pulse stabilization circuit, Substantial communication function, best suited for mounting automated machine, Dispensing conditions can be edited on a PC using the dedicated software “MuCOM for ML-808GX”, CE-Marking certified,EU RoHS compliant
Comunication port RS232,Dsub25pins,4 pins
Weight 5 Kg
Dimension (WxDxH) 255×262×95 mm
Channel number 400 CH