Industry4.0 Fully digital control Dispenser ML-8000X for perfection

Industry4.0 "perfection" correspondence Digital Dispenser appearance!

Improvement in function
  • Of vacuum pressure is automatic.
Improvement of production control function
  • We urgently stop log, self-diagnosis and are equipped.
Improvement in operability
  • 4.3 inches of touch panel Equipped.
Improvement in affinity with PC
  • Universal Serial Bus port Equipped.


Model ML-8000X-CTR-V7-N ML-8000X-CTR-V2-N
Dispensing method Air-pulse type
Control method Micro-computer controlled electronic-pneumatic system
Display 4.3 inch touch panel color LCD
Dispensing mode Timed mode, manual mode
Dispensing pressure adjustment range 20.0 to 700.0 kPa 5.0 to 200.0 kPa
Dispensing time setting range 0.010 to 9999.999 sec
Vacuum pressure setting range 0.00 to -5.00 kPa
Major functions Auto increment, auto slope, express shot, discharge condition correction, self-diagnosis, date and time, operation history, discharge counter, alarm, remaining amount warning, pressure abnormality, electromagnetic valve alarm, electromagnetic valve error, supply air pressure error, vacuum pressure error, Password lock, channel copy, parameter backup, stopwatch, interval ejection, display language switching ( Japanese / English / Chinese ), display unit switching ( kPa / bar ), I / O function allocation
Channel count 400 CH
Scalability USB host Type A x 1 port ( for mass storage device connection )
USB device Type mini B x 1 port ( for PC connection )
RS-232C D-Sub 9 pin ( plug ) x 1 port
Link to Temperature controller e-CON ( 4-pin socket ) x 1 port
External input/output signal D-Sub Connector D-Sub 25pin ( socket )
Input Optocoupler input DC24V, 5mA, discharge, channel switching, discharge mode switching, channel preset, channel specification, channel step, discharge enabled
Output Optocoupler open collector output DC24V, 10mA or below Ready, discharging, alarm, error, energizing, pressure switching, auto increment completed, channel / discharge mode switching completed
Source pressure range 200 to 800 kPa 200 to 800 kPa
Power *1 *2 Connector ACAT-3 dedicated connector, e-CON ( 3-pin socket )
Rated voltage DC 24 V ±10%
Power consumption 26W
External dimensions ( excluding protrusion part ) W210×D250×H108 mm
Weight 3.4 kg
Compatible standards EU RoHS2, CE marking (EMC directive)
Other options AC adapter ( ACAT-3 ), hand switch ( LS-2T-DSUB25-1.5M, LS-3T-DSUB25-1.5M ), foot switch ( FS / W-2-DSUB25-2.0M ), various connection cables, etc.