High precision digital Dispenser

New generation digital Dispenser appearance!

We update bestseller model “ML-5000X”!
We realize superior discharging performance by Air pulse stabilizing circuit (PAT.).
We largely expand function mounted with the device!
  • In correspondence with Industry4.0, it outputs various error signals.
  • Simple Log function Equipped.
  • Simplified remaining volume detection function.
  • Variety channel registration feasibility.
  • Lineup of general purpose and high resolution vacuum specification.

Excellent Dispenseing

Installed with air-pulse stabilizing circuit (PAT.). Elimination of dispensing volume fluctuation, and implementation of excellent dispensing accuracy.

Equipped with
Next-generation functions

Simplified Log function (Parameters recording: dispensing pressure, vacuum pressure, channel, dispensing mode)

Other Enhance Features

Simplified remaining volume detection / Interval function / Channels registration / Channels switching / Error output / Alarm output


2.4-inch color graphic LCD display for easy setting & operation. Support with multi-language (JPN, ENG, CHN)


Model ML-6000X-CTR- N-VHR ML-6000X-CTR- N-GP
Dispense method Air-pulse type
Control system Microprocessor digital control system
Display 2.4 inch color graphic LCD
Dispensing mode Timed mode, manual mode
Dispensing pressure adjustment range 5.0 to 700.0 kPa
Dispensing time setting range 0.001 to 99.999 sec, 0.01 to 999.99 sec, 0.1 to 9, 999.9 seconds (Enable to switch digits by Icon Keys)
Vacuum pressure setting range 0 to -20.0 kPa (with air supply of 600 kPa)
Vacuum pressure control system Precision needle valve (Approx. -1 kPa per a turn) Standard needle valve (Approx. -4 kPa per a turn)
Main function Operation history, Dispensing shot counter, Residue alarm, Pressure error, Solenoid valve alarm, Channel registration, Channel switching, Channel copy, Key lock, Interval dispensing, Display language switching, Manual/Timed mode switching, Stopwatch
The number of channels 100 CH
RS-232C serial communication 1 port
External input / output signal (D-sub I / O) Connector D-sub25 (socket)
Input Optocoupler input DC12 V, 5 mA Dispensing, preset, dispensing enable, step, dispensing mode switching
Output Optocoupler open collector output DC24V, 10mA or below Dispensing completion, solenoid valve alarm, power on, ready, In-dispensing, alarm, error
Source pressure Connection specifications One-touch joint for OD 6 mm
Range Max. 800 kPa (Dispensing pressure + 100 kPa or more)
Power consumption 12 W
Dimension (WxDxH) W180×D185×H83 mm
Weight 2.2 kg 2.1 kg
Compatible specification EU RoHS2, CE marking (EMC directive)
Options Handy switch, Foot switch, Syringe stand, various connection cables, etc.