Musashi Dispenser

5 major advantages gained by incorporating the MUSASHI line of dispensers.
High - Quality
Cost Reduction​

Airpulse Dispenser

SuperSigma CM III

Small Volume, Highspeed and High-precision/ automatic
correction air-pulse type

SuperSigma X III

High dispenser with correction function

Compatible with viscosity /programmable Air-pulse type

High-precision/digital universal
Air-pulse type

Eco-friendly/compact Air-pulse

Mechanical Dispenser

high-viscosity materials/ Jet type

Super Jet

Ultra-high-speed/small volume/ Jet
type jetted droplet, the supreme


General purpose No.1 seller/Jet type

Cyber Jet2

low-viscosity fluid and non
scattering/Jet type

Large volume/volumetric type

High-speed and high-grade
gasket dispensing system/Mohno type

tubing type for instant adhesive

high-viscosity materials in
paste form/screw type

Valve Dispenser

high-precision, stable dispensing of valves achieved

Debut of two-Fluid spray valve controller with
high-precision digital control

Deployment to Application

Electronic part
Optical disk Hard disk
Thai amulet