Rising demand for automation in metal and machining 

There is an increasing rise in metal and machining tasks in the manufacturing lines, so there is sufficient demand for its automation. The efficient way of automation in modern manufacturing is cobots' deployment. They work on more intricate work processes than most CNC machines.


Application variety in metal and machining 

Collaborative robots provide versatility and an extensive working range, enabling deploying objects of different shapes or sizes. Robotic application scenarios in the metal and machining industry are focused on machining, sorting, loading and unloading, welding, cutting, and others.


Benefits of cobots for manufacturers

DOBOT collaborative robots can perform large and dangerous work fast without influencing the quality. Efficient performance while pursuing high repetitive tasks increases speed and keeps the large-scale manufacturing.

Solution to Pain Points


Adaptable and flexible cobots lead the metal and machining transformation more innovatively. They can perform multiple tasks. While most CNC machines are suitable for only one task, cobots are adaptable to diverse application sets. DOBOT cobots presume resilience in every step for miscellaneous objects of different shapes.


Smart resource allocation

In an era of limited resources, their smart allocation is critical. DOBOT’s cobots thrive for an automated future, offering better distribution of rich resource options, including labor and assets.

Traditional industrial robots and CNC machines cost a fortune, while manufacturers can save installation costs and obtain high-quality products with cobots. Saving costs enables executives to cover the lack of a skilled labor force.


Robotic arms are accurate and reliable. Automated software enables the precise execution of multiple applications, such as welding or curving.

In the metal and machining industry, being focused on robotic automation while using softer metals will bring up greater precision, resulting in robust utility to businesses.

Application scenarios

Select the Robotic Solution for Your Industry

One step from industrial choice to a perfect cobots' variation. DOBOT robotic arms help respond to manufacturing needs by reacting to rapid market changes in your industry.


Accurate & precise in industrial production


An intelligent interactive panel and compact design


Lightweight cobot with short deployment time


Equipped with interactive programming feature