Flexible cobots tackle medical challenges

In one of the most notable areas, medical professionals are often prone to long working hours, high-insensitivity work tendencies, and a specific working environment. At the same time, deploying robots can solve these challenges. Medical robots are easy to use and adapt, expanding the scope of surgeons' professional skills.


Precise & efficient DOBOT cobots 

DOBOT cobots can be used in tending machines, assembly of medical devices, or conveyors in the medical industry. Their accuracy enables the high quality of the application set.


Wide robotic applications in healthcare

Lightweight cobots can be transferred between multiple working areas, allowing a quick robot installation. They can undertake various tasks, including PCR testing, extracting liquid, or bone cutting.

Solution to Pain Points


Combined with force torques, DOBOT cobots are safe to work alongside, helping medical equipment suppliers complete different procedures across various working areas.

Collaborative robots provide human workers safety in dangerous environments and even reduce their workload. Precise cobots guide patients' health and relieve the pressure on the medical staff.




The simplicity of DOBOT cobots boosts the healthcare industry and automates manufacturing. This process is easy but efficient. The operator reaches the robot's motion paths and fixtures by dragging and dropping. This will eliminate the need for handheld demonstrators and enable high-class hands-on teaching.




DOBOT cobots can be combined with different types of flexible grippers, greatly enhancing the scope of robotic work. A rich ecosystem of robotic accessories makes robotic arms adaptable to the constant transformations in the industry.

With this feature, DOBOT CR Collaborative Robot Series has been successfully applied in the medical industry to increase efficiency and reduce costs for enterprises.



Select the Robotic Solution for Your Industry

One step from industrial choice to a perfect cobots' variation. DOBOT robotic arms help respond to manufacturing needs by reacting to rapid market changes in your industry.


Flexible solution to various industrial pain points


Accurate & precise in industrial production


Adaptable to rapidly evolving environment


Lightweight cobot with short deployment time