Safe Human – Safe Robotic Environment:
Discover Helpful Features Of Dobot Safeskin

Dobot Safe Skin

Provides Safety to Humans

DOBOT SafeSkin is a silicone buffered wearable collision detection product customized by DOBOT for collaborative robots.

Inherently Safe Feature

DOBOT SafeSkin offers proximity pause mode and proximity dodge mode, ensuring a high level of efficient collision protection.

Pre-collision Sensing
Technology Feature

The technology can quickly intervene in the robot action before a collision occurs, without the need for early warning and speed reduction, helping avoid any damages.

Pre-collision Sensing Technology Feature

Long-distance space perception
With a 15cm ultra-long space sensing distance, DOBOT SafeSkin can effectively protect the operator from injury caused by the manipulator.
High sensitivity and rapid response
DOBOT SafeSkin responds fast within 0.01s, achieving human-computer cooperation and safe interaction with higher sensitivity and responsiveness.
Anti-interference and stable operation
DOBOT SafeSkin can resist the interference source signal at the worksite with the shielding technology, designed to create a stable operating environment for the robot.
All-around safety
Without being affected by such shielding materials as cloth and plastic gloves and light sources, DOBOT SafeSkin sensing ability can ensure the safety in an all-around way.
Quick installation and easy operation
With the user-friendly design, users can operate the DOBOT SafeSkin simply and install it quickly; once installed, it will be ready for use.
Ensure robot performance
During the use, DOBOT SafeSkin does not cause any loss to the robot’s performance and ensures its efficient operation.


Name Dobot SafeSkin (add-on feature)
Perception type Proximity-tactile perception
Perceivable objects Human body, metal, liquid, etc. (conductor, lesssensitive to non-conductor)
Recommended installation location Forearm+J4+J5+J6
Proximity perception distance 5~15cm
(may vary based on different parts of the robot)
Approaching response cycle 10ms
Approaching emergency stop time 0.1s
Total mass ≤ 400g